Human Rights Update 1997

China in Tibet: Striking hard against human rights

1997 Annual Report:  Human Rights Violations in Tibet China in Tibet: Striking Hard Against Human Rights endeavours to convey some idea of the extensive brutalities which continue to be perpetrated by the People’s Republic of China against the people of Tibet. The human rights of every Tibetan in what has […]

Arrests and demonstrations from 1997 January

January: Arrested 2: Lungtok and Choejor from Amdo Golok. Arrested for pasting wall posters in the street of Gadhe County in Golok “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” January: Arrested 7 students from Nationalities Teachers Training School in Qinghai Province. Arrested for publishing a journal called “Reva Nyagchik” literary meaning in English is […]

To get the Second Annual Report

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy has released its second annual report documenting the ongoing and widespread human rights violations by Chinese authorities in Tibet. The report includes a complete updated list of the 1216 known current political prisoners detained in various Chinese prisons in Tibet as well […]

Two nuns expelled

Lobsang Dolkar is a 22-year-old nun from Gonpa Phug nunnery in Dongkar Shang, Nyemo county under Lhasa city. Lobsang joined the nunnery in 1990. At that time, there were only nine nuns which later increased to 15. On 5 June 1997, she was expelled from the nunnery along with another […]

New temple and monastic rules

The following is a translation from Tibetan of “Lhasa Municipality’s Monastic (temples and hermitages) Disciplinary Rules for Monks and Nuns”: One must protect law and order, property of the people, unity of the nationalities, unity of the motherland and oppose the splittists. One must respect the leaders of the party […]


In Kain Lho In 1997, Chinese authorities launched the “re-education” campaign in all monasteries in the Kan Lho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture under Gansu Province. Officials from the PSB and the Religious Bureau of Kan Lho were sent to monasteries to teach socialist values and force monks to destroy pictures of […]

Freedom of expression void

Chinese President Jiang Zemin claimed, “China’s citizens enjoy the freedom of assembly, speech and demonstration and protests”, during his visit to Canada on November 29, 1997. In contrast with this, hundreds of Tibetans have been arrested by Chinese authorities solely for voicing their opinions or gathering to peacefully call for […]

85 Tibetan women sterilised

In Chabcha district in Tsolho (Ch: Hainan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture under Tsongon, Chinese authorities have launched a strict birth control policy. Since the start of 1997, 85 Tibetan women have been sterilised and 113 were force to go undergo abortions. This appeared in the Official Qinghai Tibetan Daily Newspaper published […]

Birth control policy in Amdo

The Chinese authorities claim to have achieved good results with regard to the implementation of their birth control policy in Tso Jang (Ch: Haibei) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province. It was reported in the Qinghai Tibetan Daily Newspaper on 8 August 1997 that, in 1996, the birth control officials […]

Profile: Body broke, spirit strong

Nuns in the Chinese prisons in Tibet are often targeted for fatal punishment and torture. Many of them are permanently scarred and disfigured. Gyaltsen Choezom is one such woman. A Garu nun of 29 years, Gyaltsen is serving nine years in Drapchi prison for exercising her right of freedom of […]