Human Rights Update 1997

Compulsory slaughter

Tibetan Buddhists consider the slaughter of any living creature a sin. Yet recent reports from Tibet’s rural areas reveal that Chinese authorities are forcing Tibetan farmers and nomads to do exactly that. Lobsang Gyaltsen, a recently-arrived refugee from Tibet, report that his family and the others In his village are […]

Tortured for defending Panchen Lama

Since the Dalai Lama announced the discovery of the reincarnate Panchen Lama in May 1995, Chinese authorities have waged a brutal campaign against those who openly support him. Lobsang Shakya, a monk at Tashi Lhunpo Monastery – the seat of the Panchen Lama – was among those who refused to […]

Forced recruitment

To strengthen the military power inside Tibet, the Chinese government is reported to have begun forcefully recruiting young Tibetans into army service. At the same time Chinese authorities have commenced mass propaganda on radio and television emphasising the need young Tibetans to join the army after graduation from secondary school, […]

Comedian suffers mental breakdown

Menlha Kyab, a famous Tibetan comedian and writer from Tsolho (Ch: Hamm) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tsongon (Ch: Qinghai) Province, was recently reported to have suffered a serious mental breakdown as a result of his imprisomnent for six months. Twenty eight Tibetans including Menlha Kyab were believed to have been detained […]

New arrests of monks for posters

Two monks from Kham were arrested and imprisoned In June this year for pasting Independence wallposters. They have not been seen since. In May 1997, two monks from La Monastery in Lapa township, Zadhe county in Kyekudo, Kham (Ch:Qinghai), pasted wall posters condemning Chinese rule. Some residents feared the repercussions […]

Profile: Sentenced to 17 years for “espionage”

Lukar Jam‘s prison term is one of the longest-known sentences handed down to a Tibetan Political offender in the last twenty years. It is, however, part of a noticeable pattern of Tibetans who, after spending time in India for reasons of study, pilgrimage or family, are arrested and imprisoned as […]

More work team imprisonments

Dorji Rapten is a 20-year-old monk. He reports since Chinese work-team entered his monastery, one monk has disappeared believed executed or imprisoned – and Dorji has just been released from prison. Dorji Rapten is from Dhayap Magon monastery in Pare township in Dhayap county, Kham (eastern Tibet). He was 11 […]

Memories of prison labour sends chills

“The worst part of my two years in prison were the times when I had to go out for labour work during summer. While I was in prison there were two construction sites on which we had to work, one was a four-storey building and another was a factory for […]

Monk suffers in six different prisons

The nightmare began for twenty year-old monk Yeshi Samien when work teams entered his monastery and ordered him to renounce everything he believed in. When Yeshi refused, threats were made. When he attempted to escape, Yeshi was imprisoned and tortured in six different prisons and detention centres, his suffering made […]

Airport Expansion in Lhoka

About four years ago, an airport was built in Kyishong sub-district in Lhoka County. Kyishong is one of the best known places in Tibet for excellent harvests and many Tibetans in this area had to give up their land for construction and thereby lost their means of livelihood. In mid-February […]