The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) is a non-profit organisation committed to advancing human rights and democracy in Tibet and the exiled Tibetan community by empowering Tibetan advocates and monitoring, documenting, and campaigning against human rights abuses.​

What We Do


Through meticulous research, campaigning, and knowledge-sharing, we aim to confront and rectify human rights abuses, and promote democracy.



We publish reports and document human rights violations that lead to evidence-based campaigns to hold duty-bearers accountable.


We work to bring torturers to justice, end social and economic inequality, change oppressive laws, and free people jailed just for voicing their opinion.


We empower advocates for human rights and democracy by facilitating knowledge-sharing and capacity-building workshops.

Latest News


Despite concerns about its human rights record, China secured its seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council with 154 votes, marking its sixth election to the Council. China’s repeated membership raises questions about the effectiveness of the UN’s human rights system and the need for reform in the election process, emphasising the importance of implementing a performance appraisal system to prevent habitual human rights offenders from participating in Council elections. The international community is urged to take action to ensure that the Council’s goals are not compromised and to support human rights advocates in China.

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Latest Campaign

End Enforced Disappearance Campaign
Strengthening Tibetan Democracy Campaign Series: YouthQuake 2023
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