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Human Rights Update 1997

Tashi Lhunpo monks continue to face harrasment

Monks in Tashi Lhunpo Monastery are still not free from harrasment by the Chinese Officials. Strict vigillence is observed over the entire administration of the Monastery. Monks who show allegiance to the Chinese government have a better possibilty of being appointed in place of those who oppose the Chinese authorities […]

291 Women sterilised

In Tibet today, it is a very sorry picture for women. The most natural phenomenon of becoming a mother has to be authorised and sanction sought. Dreams of parents who want more than one or two child is crushed. Various cases of women fined for pregnancy, pregnancy being forced to […]

Popular singer disappeared

According to an account provided by a tourist who recently visited Tibet, Yadong, a popular Tibetan singer, is believed to have disappeared since July last. He is the Khampa singer from Chengdu who sings in Chinese besides singing in his mother tongue, Tibetan. He is apparently very popular in Chengdu. […]

20-year-old monk receives harsh treatment

In June, 1997, 20 monks of Gongkar Choede Monastery participated in a heated debate about the re-education session that was being held in their monastery. One of the monks, Jampel Tender exhibited his disgust by pasting posters speaking against the presence of the workteam. This resulted in him receiving severe […]

Three Amdo men sentenced for “espionage”

Collective trial followed by sentencing is very common in Chinese courts in Tibet. This allows the court authorities to decide cases at their own free will. Many political prisoners have had their sentence decided as such. This weakens the scope for any accused to prove themselves not guilty. The following […]

Editor disappeared

Chakdor Tsering, editor of the Tibet journal “Daser” has reportedly been detained in June 1997 for political reasons. However, nothing is known of his whereabouts till now. Chakdor Tsering, 30 years old, is from Amdo Lharang. He acquired his education in the Sangchu District Primary School in the Kan-Lho Tibetan […]

Seven more Serwa monks arrested

In July this year seven monks from Serwa monastery in Chamdo region were arrested by the Communist China’s Public Security Bureau. This is the second known case of arrest of Serwa monks. Earlier in March 1994 five monks from the same monastery were arrested and are presently serving prison sentences […]

Profile: An Unsung Hero of Tibetan Struggle

Since the March 1959 Tibetan National Uprising, for almost 28 years the issue of Tibet remained a yet another isolated story closed to the International fora. Until, on 27 September 1988 the most contemporary protest took place. This was an awakening and the issue of Tibet came back to the […]

Heavy Taxation Threatens Survival of Tibetans

The latest Policy of Chinese repression comes in the most subtle manner of taxation. The Tibetans, irrespective of their economic position are all subjected to various form of taxation some of which are totally ludicrous. Though the taxation policy was implemented in Tibet since the Chinese occupation of Tibet, but […]

The Next Generation: The State of Education in Tibet Today: A Report by the T...

A report released by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) describes widespread and systematic violations by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) of Tibetan children’s rights to education. “The Next Generation: The State of Education in Tibet Today”, a 100 page report based on interviews conducted in […]