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Human Rights Update 1997

More monasteries targeted

Thupten Soepa is from Rame Kyishong town in Lhoka Gongkar county and was a monk at Rame monastery. Thupten reports that on 1 March, 1997, an eight-member work team arrived at the monastery. They started the re-education session and ordered that photographs of the Dalai Lama be taken down. “Initially, […]

Profile: 17-year sentence for political activities

In a collective trial held by the Intermediate People’s Court of the “Tibet Autonomous Region ” on 30 November 1989, Ngawang Woeser was sentenced to a 17-year prison term and subsequent deprivation of political rights for five years. The court verdict pronounced him a “main culprit” in the organisation of […]

Monk dies in prison

Jamyang Trinlay, a monk from Chamdo monastery, died from severe beatings while in prison last year, says his former fellow-monk, 16-year-old Sonam Woeser. Sonam, who recently escaped to India, says that the “re-education” process is still in place in his monastery where a 40 member work team – all from […]


Chadra, a monk from Shabron Monastery in Nagehu region (north of Lhasa), has been missing since mid- February of thisyear. Kunchok Gelek, a monk formerly of Drigung Thil Monastery, says Chadra disappeared after Chinese officials discovered a photograph of the Dalai Lama in his possession. Chadra is aged in his […]

A child’s dream of school

The growing number of children fleeing Tibet at a great risk, often sent by parents, is a clear indication of the desperation of Tibetans to reclaim their Tibetan identity. The most recent statistics reveal that almost 500 children (below the age of 18) have already fled Tibet this year. Growing […]

New Arrest

22-year-old old Gyun-ne Dorjee, a monk from Dargye Choeling Monastery, is from Noru in Tsethang sub-county under Lhoka region (close to Lhasa). He was arrested around the last week of May this year after he allegedly pasted anti-Chinese posters on the walls of the county office. During a search of […]

Couple Imprisoned

Tsering Gyaltsen and Yangzom, a married couple from Lhasa, have been reported to be currently in detention after their arrest around the end of September this year. The information was received from a reliable source but the charge is unknown. It is believed that they were detained by Chinese authorities […]

Principal arrested

The principal of Lhasa Shol School, Drakpa Nyendrak, was reportedly arrested in the first week of July this year for engaging in clandestine pro-Tibetan activities such as drafting slogans and making posters. PSB (Public Security Bureau) officials reportedly found a Tibetan flag and certain documents, in the principal’s possession after […]


A monk named Dorjee, aged 19, from Lhatse Choede Monastery in Lhatse County in Shigatse Region, was expelled from the monastery in March-April, 1997. He was expelled from the monastery because he refused to accept the principles laid down by the workteam members in his monastery. As a result he […]

Profile: “Torture cannot destroy us: We did not die”

Fourteen nuns had their sentences increased while in prison on 8 October 1993. Despite being behind bars they were courageous enough to voice their feelings and belief on a smuggled tape recorder and distribute it outside prison complex. They were subjected to harsher torture and beatings and their sentence increased. […]