Arrests and demonstrations from 1997 January

January: Arrested 2: Lungtok and Choejor from Amdo Golok. Arrested for pasting wall posters in the street of Gadhe County in Golok “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture”

January: Arrested 7 students from Nationalities Teachers Training School in Qinghai Province. Arrested for publishing a journal called “Reva Nyagchik” literary meaning in English is “Guaranteed hope”.

1 January: Arrested 5 monks from Drayab Magon. They are Gonpo (23), Chimey Lobsang (18) Ngawang (21), Tashi Namgyal (19) and Shadok (45). Arrested for pasting posters reading “Free Tibet” on the door of the Treasury Office in Drayab County. Except Shadok all the monks were sentenced to 6 years in Chamdo prison.

13 January: January Demonstration in Tsolo. Leaflets calling for independence were pasted-in Tsolo “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture”. No arrest were reported. 22 Jan.: Arrested 2 nuns: Yeshi Palmo and Tenzin Yeshi. Arrested for protesting against the Chinese Work-Team officials during its “Re-education” session at Raeting Samtenling Nunnery.

23 January: Arrested Namgyal Dhondup. Arrested from Phulung sub-county in Pashoe County, Chamdo region. (Ref. Human Rights Update April 15, 1997)

February: Arrested 7 monks from Sera Monastery. Arrested for charges of leading a protest against the Chinese authorities and taken to a prison in Lhasa. One of them was Dawa and the names of others were not known

8 Feburary: Arrested 20 nuns from a nunnery in Lhoka Choenkye county. Arrested mainly due to refusal to obey the orders of the County People’s Government and the Public Security Bureau to denounce the Dalal Lama and ban his photographs. They have openly criticised the Chinese authorities for their policy. (Ref. Human Rights Update October 31, 1997)

10 February: Arrested 2 monks. Arrested for holding a short protest in front of the Jokhang, Lhasa on the 15th day of the Tibetan New Year. No details were known.

21 February: Arrested 4 monks of Shabten Monastery in Nagchu region. Chinese officials found a picture of the Dalai Lama in the room of one of the monks. (Ref. Human Rights Update October 31, 1997)

March: Demonstration in Malo county. Hoisted Tibetan National flag and pasted independence posters in main market place of Malho county in Qinghai province. No arrest were reported.

March: Demonstration in Lhasa. Pasted independence leaflets on all electric polls in Barkor area of Lhasa. No arrest reported. March Arrested nun Ngawang Choekyi from Danang, Lhoka. Arrested for pasting pro-independence poster on the wall of Sa Ngag Simbuk nunnery.

March: Arrested 5 monks from Gomar monastery. Arrested for pasting the forbidden Tibetan national flag in the streets of Matho zhou. Gedbun Dhondup (38) was released after several days but the names of others were not known.

10 March: Protest in prison, Lhasa. All the Drapchi political prisoners sent an open appeal letter describing critical prison condition meant for the international community.

March 23: Arrested 3: Three monks: Gedun Dondrup, Dakpa Gyaltsen, Gedun Ngodup Rebkong Monastery. Arrested for pasting wall posters and the Tibetan national flag in the courtyard of the Teacher Training School and in the monasteries. (Ref. Human Rights Update: July 15 1997)

March: Arrested Menpa Dorjee from Rebgong County. Arrested for hanging Tibetan National flag in the middle of the street in Rebgong city.

25 May: Arrested Chungdak (21). Arrested by the Work Team officials during the re-education session in Tashi Lhunpo Monastery.

May: Arrested Gurmey Dorjee from Dhargye Choeling monastery under Lhoka region. Arrested for having pasted anti-China posters on the walls of the county office. (ref. Human Rights Update: October 31, 1997)

June: Demonstration in Rebkong. Four monks from Rongpo Monastery hoisted Tibetan National flag.

20 June: Arrested Abhum Lhundrup of Lithang Monastery. Arrested for disseminating speeches of Dalai Lama in the monastery.

20 June; Arrested 4 monks from Sog Tsendhen monastery. Arrested for pasting posters in their monastery and town in February 1997. Tenzin Chuwang (50) and three monks from the same monastery are presently in a prison in Lhasa but their prison tenns and conditions are unknown.

16 June: Arrested Jampel Tendar of Gongkar Choede Monastery. Arrested for pasting posters around the monastery condemning China’s rule in Tibet and declaring support for the Dalai Lama.

June: Arrested 2 monks: Tsering Tashi (30) and Yidhi (24) from La monastery in Lapa township, Kham. Arrested for having pasted anti-China posters. They are currently being held in Kyekudo Prison. (Refer Human Rights Update: November 15, 1997)

July: Arrested 5 Tibetans: Dawa (60); Lhakpa Tsamehoe, Kalsang Tsewang, Pema Choedon and Miginar Dolma. Lhasa Security Bureau feared that they may stage pro-independence demonstration during the time of Hong Kong hand-over and the birthday ceremony ofthe Dalai Lama. (Ref. Human Rights Update,: September 15, 1997)

July 97: Arrested Drakpa Wangden, Principal of the Lhasa Shol School. Arrested for his engagement in pro-independence movements such as drafting slogans and making posters. (Ref.Human Rights Update: October 31, 1997)

1 July: Arrested 7 monks from Serwa monastery: Tashi Phuntsok (25), Rinzin Choephel (24), Sherab Tsultrim (25), Dawa Dodee (24), Lobsang Damehoe (26) Lobsang Dechen and Ngawang Choephel (16). Arrested for taking down the name plates of the head quarters of the People’s Government of the Lingkha sub-county in Pashoe county and in its place pasted wall posters that read: “Tibet is an independent country” and for demonstrating and shouting slogans.

July 97: Arrested Rinzin Dhonjup an artist firom Serwa monastery. Arrested for suspicion of having links with the 7 Serwa monks.

August: Arrested four monks from Sera monastery. Arguing with the work-team at the monastery.

September: Arrested 2: Tibetan couple named Tsering Gyaltsen and Yangzom. Charges unknown but believed that they were detained by Chinese authorities of being involved in political activities.

22 October: Arrested Ngawang Phelgay from Drepung monastery. Arrested for bringing down the Communist China’s flag from the top of his monastery and stamping on it.

1997: Arrested three monks from Yada Monastery: Dechen, Yeshi Samten and Lobsang Tsering. Arrested for arguing with the work team at the monastery.

1997: Arrested 2: Tenphel (19) and his friend(22) from Dongze Monastery. Both of them are in Drapchi prison serving.

Note: The above statistics do not represent the true figures of the number of arrests in 1997, as these are only the known cases recorded. Due to strict control in Tibet, reception of information is particularly difficult. Reporting on any such incident may endanger the lives of the people inside Tibet.

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