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Human Rights Update 1997

China in Tibet: Striking hard against human rights

1997 Annual Report:  Human Rights Violations in Tibet China in Tibet: Striking Hard Against Human Rights endeavours to convey some idea of the extensive brutalities which continue to be perpetrated by the People’s Republic of China against the people of Tibet. The human rights of every Tibetan in what has recently been termed “the world’s largest remaining colony” have been drastically eroded under Chinese occupation; their individual rights and their rights as a people trampled under the boots of Chinese military and the trucks which carry out the natural resources and carry in Chinese settlers. As of December 1997, there …

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Arrests and demonstrations from 1997 January

January: Arrested 2: Lungtok and Choejor from Amdo Golok. Arrested for pasting wall posters in the street of Gadhe County in Golok “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” January: Arrested 7 students from Nationalities Teachers Training School in Qinghai Province. Arrested for publishing a journal called “Reva Nyagchik” literary meaning in English is “Guaranteed hope”. 1 January: Arrested 5 monks from Drayab Magon. They are Gonpo (23), Chimey Lobsang (18) Ngawang (21), Tashi Namgyal (19) and Shadok (45). Arrested for pasting posters reading “Free Tibet” on the door of the Treasury Office in Drayab County. Except Shadok all the monks were sentenced to …

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To get the Second Annual Report

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy has released its second annual report documenting the ongoing and widespread human rights violations by Chinese authorities in Tibet. The report includes a complete updated list of the 1216 known current political prisoners detained in various Chinese prisons in Tibet as well as comprehensive lists of monasteries and nunneries covered by Chinese “re-education” work-team and arrests and expulsions of monks and nuns in connection with the “Strike hard” campaign in Tibet. For a copy of China in Tibet: Striking Hard Against Human Rights, please send Rs/- 50 for India, Nepal and Bhutan, …

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