Tibetans facing massive arrest drive in Tibet

After days of the peaceful protests in Lhasa and in other parts of Tibet, the Chinese authorities are now arresting hundreds of Tibetans in other parts of Tibet. On 19 March 2008, Lhasa City Procuratorate has arrested 24 Tibetan protestors on a basis of pre-trial detention. Although 24 Tibetan protestors […]

Three Tibetans shot dead in Kardze Protest

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) received confirmed information from multiple sources, that at least three Tibetan protestors were shot dead this afternoon during a peaceful demonstration in Kardze County, Sichuan Province in eastern Tibet after Chinese security forces started an indiscriminate firing on the peaceful Tibetan […]

Mass abductions in midnight raids by Chinese security forces in Lhasa

Hundreds of Tibetans are arbitrarily arrested in the ongoing house-by-house raid by Chinese security forces in Lhasa beginning from 15 March 2008. All former political prisoners have already been rounded off and thrown into prisons by the security forces according to confirmed information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human […]

Fresh Protests broke out in Rebkong

According to the confirmed information just received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), on 16 March 2008, a fresh protest broke out in Rong Gonchen Monastery, Rebkong County (Ch: Tongren xian), Malho Prefecture (Ch: Huangnan) “Tibet Autonomous Prefecture”, Qinghai Province. According to reliable sources within Tibet, […]

Eight dead bodies brought into Ngaba Kirti Monastery

Eight dead bodies have been brought into Ngaba Kirti Monastery according to confirmed information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy. The bodies were brought in from the protest scene in Ngaba County, Sichuan Province. Sources say at least “30 Tibetans felled” after armed troops shot indiscriminately […]

Death toll mounts as Tibet Uprising Continues: TCHRD calls upon UN to send a Fact Finding Mission

Lhasa, the capital city, in particular is still reeling under extremely tense situation at the moment since yesterday’s demonstration. Information from Tibet indicates Chinese authorities’ imposing curfew in the entire Lhasa city with entry into city completely cut-off by posting many new check posts at all the entry points into […]

Arrestees from the demonstration in Lhasa Barkhor on Tibetan Uprising Day

TCHRD obtain pictures of the 15 monks who staged a peaceful protest in the Barkhor street in Lhasa on 10 March 2008. It has come to light that the 15 monks were joined by two laypersons during the protest. The details of the two could not be ascertained yet. Lhasa […]

Tibet reeling under tense situation- Nuns of Chutsang Nunnery join the protest

In the past few days, since the 10th March Commemoration of the People’s Uprising Movement of Tibet, although information is hard to come by, a few confirmed accounts are trickling out about protests, arrests, detentions and restrictions all around Tibet amidst severe control of information flow. Tibet is said to […]

Tibetans arrested in Tibet under fear of torture and inhuman treatment

Scores of Tibetans led by monks from Drepung and Sera Monastery were known to have been arrested for staging peaceful pro-Tibet protests in the Tibetan Capital, Lhasa, yesterday coinciding with the 49th anniversary of the 1959 People’s Uprising against Chinese occupation of Tibet, according to confirmed information received by the […]

Ronggye Adrak and three other Tibetans sentenced to lengthy imprisonment terms

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) expresses its deepest shock and condemnation over swift and extremely harsh sentence to Ronggye A’drak and three other Tibetans by Kardze Intermediate People’s Court today. Ronggye A’drak, who was earlier indicted by the Kardze Intermediate People’s Court on 29 October 2007 […]