Sonam Gyatso

A Tibetan sentenced to suspended death sentence, two others to life and 16 years in prison in Nyarong

The Kardze Intermediate People’s Court has sentenced three Tibetans from Nyarong County (Ch: Xinlong xian) to varying prison terms, according to confirmed information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD). Three Tibetans; Pema Yeshi, 28, Sonam Gonpo, 24, and Tsewang Gyatso a.k.a Tsok Tsok, 32, all […]

Monks expelled upon passing of the monastery’s chief lama

Sonam Gyatso, 27, a monk at Thashar Monastery in Samdo Townshi, Tsolho “TAP”, Qinghai Province, described Chinese authorities’ intervention in the affairs of the monastery upon passing of the chief lama of the monastery. Sonam told TCHRD, “I was born in a nomadic family in Gonga Village, Samdo Township, Tsolho […]