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Human Rights Update 1996

Birth control policy in tibet

Lhundup Ganden, a Sera monk who recently escaped to India, visited the township of Nyagra under Lhasa City  Municipal Bureau in June 1996. Except for one semi-nomadic unit, the rest of the units are inhabited by peasants. The following is a report of the sterilization policy he witnessed there. Lhundup  explained that birth control policy is carried out in the whole of Tibet through propaganda, coercion and strict regulatory measures. It is being officially enforced with the main objective of eradicating the very identity of the Tibetans. Population transfer is also being carried out on a massive scale. Lhundup reports …

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Nun, recipient of human rights award, serving 17 year sentence.

Phuntsok Nyidon is 28 year old nun from Michungri Nunnery. She was sentenced to nine years and later eight years imprisonment, first for a peaceful demonstration and then for singing independence songs. Her dedication to the cause of human rights in Tibet earned the Reebok Human Rights Award in 1995. Phuntsok Nyidon (father: Tashi Wangpo, mother: Palkyi) was born in 1968 in Phenpo district, 135km from Lhasa. She attended a village school but was unable to continue her studies due to inadequate education facilities in her village. Consequently, she left school and in 1986 joined Michungri Nunnery in Toelung Dechen …

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