Human Rights Update 1996

Monk serves 19 years for human rights and democracy publications

First detained in 1987 for peaceful demonstrations, Ngawang Phulchung has relentlessly championed the education of Tibetan people regarding their human rights and democratic freedoms. The publishing of a complete Tibetan translation of the Universal declaration of Human Rights and the reporting of human rights violations within Tibet resulted in a […]

Ngawang Choephel in Sangyip

According to a reliable source in Tibet, on 16 October 1996 Ngawang Choephel was transferred to Sangyip Prison. He is presently being held in cell 2, block 3.

Tibetan refugees shot by Nepalese police

On 18 November 1996, three Tibetan asylum-seekers were shot and wounded when Nepalese police opened fire on a group of escapees shortly after they crossed the border at Lamabhagar, 100 km north-east of Kathmandu. Several Tibetans were injured after being beaten by police batons. Two Tibetans, including a child, sustained […]

Religious “re-education”

The following testimony was taken from an interview conducted on 5 December 1996 by TCHRD. Tenzin Bhagdo, aged 23, from Lhokha of Drepung monastery, arrived in Dharamsala, India on 5 December 1996. He is one of the many monks who voluntarily left the monastery as a result of the threat […]

Torture of Tibetan Prisoners

… “torture” means any act by which severe pain or suffering , whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining … information or a confession, punishing him … intimidating or coercing him … or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, […]

More political sentences

According to a reliable source, Sholpa Dawa, who was arrested for the third time in August 1995, has finally received a sentence of 9 years. Sholpa Dawa, a tailor in Lhasa, was arrested for the first time on 29 September 1981 and sentenced to two years imprisonment for allegedly distributing […]

“Last battle” against Tibetan spiritual life

Following a week-long extraordinary meeting of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party in Lhasa, the Tibet Central Committee launched a “Last Battle” against the Dalai Lama, aimed at eradicating any vestiges of the exiled spiritual leader’s influence from all levels of society. Their report stipulated that the anti-splittist campaign, […]

Discrimination of Tibetan Farmers

A farmer from Eastern Tibet (name withheld) arrived in India this month and described the difficulties faced by Tibetan farmers under the discriminatory Chinese occupation. “A good harvest brings a farmer about 10,000 gyamas [1 gyama is approximately equal to 2 kgs]. The farmers are required to pay a tax […]

Abbot expelled and nuns arrested

Rev. Palden Dhondup, the 80-year-old abbot of Chubsang Nunnery north of Lhasa, was expelled from the nunnery in July 1996. According to our source, on July 1 (“Zamling Chisang”, or the festival of incense offering) four Chubsang nuns were arrested for demonstrating in the Barkhor area of the Jokhang Temple. […]

Fleeing Tibetans arrested

About 105 Tibetans, at least ten suffering from severe frostbite, were arrested for illegal entry in West Nepal after fleing Tibet, a Nepali daily newspaper reported on 17 November. The refugees entered Nepal via a little-used route from Manang (about 360 kilometres north-west of Kathmandu) while most Tibetan refugees use […]