According to a TCHRD source of  Tibet, during late 1995 and  early 1996 the Health Department of “TAR” conducted an inspection of all private hospitals and clinics in and around Lhasa.

The inspection team confiscated the practicing license of Lodoe Choedak, former director of Lhasa’s Zhigong (chinese) hospital. After his retirement, 50 year old Lodoe Choedak haad opened a private clinic. Along with Lodoe, the practicing licenses of nine of his colleagues, all Tibetans, were confiscated. The inspection team claimed that Lodoe’s clinic did not fulfill certain criteria and thus forced the  closure of the clinic.

Some of Lodoe’s colleagues who had good connections with the Chinese officials and Chinese doctors despite being recent graduates and lacking experience, were allowed to retain their licenses.

Lodoe’s Tibetan patients appealed to the Health Department to re-issue practicing licenses to the doctors. The Health Department responded by confiscating more licenses from other new doctors.

According to our source, there were 150 private hospitals and clinics in and around Lhasa before the inspection. Of these, only 119 hospitals and clinics which had good relations with Chinese officials were allowed to retain their licenses.

The story was confirmed by a recent new arrival from Tibet who disclosed that the closure of these private hospitals was a deliberate policy initiated by the Health Department in order to curb the success of the hospitals.

Few patients visit the public hospitals where they receive poor service and negligent treatment., preferring  the private hospitals where they receive proper medical treatment and attention.

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