strike hard campaign

China launches “Strike Hard” Campaign ahead of sensitive anniversary

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy(TCHRD) condemns in strongest term over Chinese authorities — launching of the –”Strike Hard” campaign aimed at carrying out further detentions of Tibetans in Tibet as the March anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising approaches. According to information given in the official newspaper Lhasa Evening News (Ch: […]

China recommences “patriotic education” campaign in Tibet’s monastic institutions

The People’s Republic of China recommenced implementation of the “patriotic education” campaign in monastic institutions in Tibet, according to testimonies received from Tibetan monks who fled into exile. There has been a noted rise in the intensity of the campaign, which is being carried out vigorously in the monastic institutions […]

Oral Statement made by TCHRD on behalf of International Fellowship of Reconciliation

Oral Statement made by Norzin Dolma on behalf of International Fellowship of Reconciliation. 61st Session of the UN Commission on Human rights 5 April 2005 Item 11e: Civil & Political Rights including the question of Religious Intolerance For the past several years, the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) has regularly […]

China relaunches “Strike hard” campaign to curb Tibetan dissidence and religion

In its latest attempt to intensify hard-line policies, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has relaunched the “strike hard” campaign to systematically curtail Tibetan political dissent and to control religious institutions. A series of recent official meetings held in Lhasa has re-affirmed the need to curb dissidence by “striking hard” […]

Monks and nuns arrested

More reports of arrests and expulsions of monks and nuns in Tibet have been received in connection to the “Strike Hard” campaign. In October 1996, six monks of Taktsang Lhamo Monastery in Kannan prefecture in Kanlho Tibetan Autonomous Region Prefecture were arrested by local PSB officials. The six monks were […]

thousands executed

China executed at least 4,367 people last year by firing squad or lethal injection, Amnesty International hasreported, including some Tibetans shot for “counter-revolution” or “subversion.”  This figure, the highest since 1983, was confirmed by Chinese media. Amnesty said it had logged more than 6100 death sentences, exceeding the previous two […]