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oslo_concertA documentary film on the state of the freedom of expression in Tibet will premiere at the ‘Human Rights Human Wrongs’ (‘HRHW’) film festival in Oslo, Norway this week marking the launch of the international leg of the ‘Banned Expression: Support Free Speech in Tibet’ campaign.

The documentary film titled ‘Banned Expression in Tibet’ is produced by Voice of Tibet (VOT) radio service. The first screening of the documentary will be held at the “HRHW” film festival, a one of its kind film festival in the Scandinavia, organized by the Oslo Dokumentarkino (Oslo Documentary Cinema) in collaboration with many human rights organizations and institutions.

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In his essay, Soul of Poetry, the influential Tibetan poet, Yidam Tsering (1933 – 2004), likened the poets to nightingales who sing through their poems the hopes and aspirations, pain and agony, of their people. Her further wrote, “as long as the people live a life of million years, the poet will be able to sustain a life of million…

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poster_final_corrected‘Banned Expression: Support Free Speech in Tibet’ is an awareness campaign focussing on the Right to Freedom of Opinion, Expression and Information in Tibet.

Over a hundred Tibetan writers, poets, artists, intellectuals and cultural figures have been arrested, tortured and imprisoned since the 2008 uprising in Tibet. By daring to refute China’s official narrative of events surrounding the 2008 Uprising, these courageous Tibetans represent a significant new challenge to the Chinese authorities.

China is implementing mass surveillance and propaganda campaigns under the rubric of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s “mass line” policy in Tibet. New regulations on the internet and phone use have been implemented since 2011 to block information and censor communication. Book and journals are banned; websites shut down and online contents deleted and censored in real time by armies of Chinese government censors. China has vowed again to block all images, information and teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Tibet by setting “nets in the sky” and “traps on the ground” .

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