Self-immolated man asked to amputate his legs

According to a confirmed information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), Tapey, a monk Kirti Jepa Monastery, Ngaba County, Sichuan Province who self-immolated himself on 27 February 2009 as a mark of protest against the Chinese repression and rule is currently said to be hospitalized in a secret government hospital located in Chengdu city.

Sources told TCHRD that Tapey’s mother was permitted to meet him at the hospital by the Chinese authorities. However, they were not allowed to speak to each other. Sources also told TCHRD that their meeting lasted not more than few minutes. Tapey is currently placed under huge security cover and protection.

In a sudden twist to Tapey’s self-immolation episode, the Chinese officials explained his mother about the need to amputate his legs, which however, was strenuously resisted by Tapey himself.

This apparently points to earlier claims made by eyewitnesses'”that Tapey fell down after hearing three gun shots”. Hence, it could be highly likely that Tabey sustains severe gun injuries on both of his legs, apart from severe burnt injuries.

TCHRD considers the Chinese authorities push to amputate Tapey’s legs as an attempt to hide and cover up the irreversible injuries inflicted on his leg by bullets. Therefore, TCHRD considers the forcible amputation of Tapey’s legs as a denial of basic and fundamental human rights. It would be a condemnable act on the part of the Chinese authorities if they go ahead with the amputation against Tapey’s wish.

Hence, under this circumstance, TCHRD would like to request all of the international community, concerned non-governmental organizations and the vital organs of the United Nations to pressurize the Chinese authorities to refrain from the amputation and to tell the truth to the world.

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