Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Relevant Adopted Opinion

80th session (20-20 Nov 2017): Opinion No. 69/201

Tashi Wangchuk

Mr. Wangchuk is a 31-year-old Tibetan shopkeeper from Jyekundo County in Kham, Eastern Tibet (Yushu, Qinghai Province). Mr. Wangchuk publicly advocated for greater Tibetan language education in local schools in Tibetan populated areas.*

*Ages mentioned were at the time of the adopted opinion publication

78th session (19-28 Apr 2017): Opinion No. 4/2017

Tsegon Gyal

Tsegon Gyal (or Kangshong Atse) was born to a family of nomads in Kangtsa region in the Tibetan province of Amdo. Mr. Gyal worked in law enforcement, but also pursued a career in journalism, working for a number of years for Qinghai Tibetan News and Qinghai Legal Daily media outlets.

59th session (18-26 Nov 2010): No. 29/2010

Thamki Gyatso, Tseltem Gyatso, Kalsang Gyatso

Three monks at Labrang Monastery, who in March 2008, participated in a demonstration for democracy, human rights and the return of the Dalai Lama.

50th session (30 Nov 2007): No. 33/2007

Sonam Gyalpo

Mr. Sonam Gyalpo, aged 44, tailor by profession and resident at Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). Officers searched Sonam Gyalpo’s house and discovered four videotapes containing teachings of the Dalai Lama, political literature relating to Tibetan affairs and pictures of the Dalai Lama.*

*Ages mentioned were at the time of the adopted opinion publication

50th session (30 Nov 2007): No. 36/2007

Dolma Kyab

Mr. Dolma Kyab, also known as Zhou Ma Jia, 29 years old, resident of Haibei, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghaï, is a writer and a history teacher at a school in Lhasa. According to a source, Mr. Kyab was convicted due to his unpublished book titled “Restless Himalayas”, which deals with Tibetan geography, history and religion and might be seen by the authorities of the Government of the People’s Republic of China as being connected to the question of Tibetan autonomy.*

*Ages mentioned were at the time of the adopted opinion publication



37th session (4 Sep 2003): No.  13/200

Tenzin Choewang, Sey Khedup, Tserin Lhagon, Yeshi Tenzin, Thraba Yeshi, Ngawang Tsultrim, Nyima Dhakpa

In accordance with the information received, Tenzin Choewang, 64 years old, caretaker of Sog Tsendhen monastery, Sey Khedup, 27 years old, and Yeshi Tenzin, 36 years old, monks at the monastery, Thraba Yeshi, 45 years old, an employee of the Hydroelectricity Power Station of Sog county and carpenter at the monastery, and Tserin Lhagon, 41 years old, farmer, from Yakla township in Sog city, were arrested by officers of the Nagchu Public Security Bureau and held in custody at the TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region) Intelligence Bureau in Lhasa. Tenzin Choewang’s room was ransacked by seven men in masks who  discovered cassettes of the Dalai Lama.*

*Ages mentioned were at the time of the adopted opinion publication

27th Session (17 May 2000): No. 8/2000

Jigme Gyatso

Jigme Gyatso is a monk residing in Vartha village, Kansu province involved in pro-independence activities.  He distributed leaflets and pasted wall posters around the monastery and in nearby Lhasa. On an unspecified date in 1988 or 1989, he formed, together with friends, an organization called the Association of Tibetan Freedom Movement.  In 1992, he led a major demonstration in Lhasa, in the course of which many of the demonstrators were arrested by the Public Security Bureau and anti-riot department officers.  Jigme Gyatso was not arrested at that time, although officials suspected him of involvement in the demonstration and kept him under close surveillance.

27th Session (18 May 2000): No. 14/2000

Phunstock Wangdu

Phuntsok Wangdu joined Gaden monastery as a minor. In 1990, when officials visited the monastery to conduct a re-education campaign, 18 monks, including Phuntsok Wangdu, were expelled from the monastery.  Phuntsok Wangdu fled the country in the autumn of the same year and returned to Tibet in 1993.  On 17 June 1993, Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau officers arrested him and detained him at Sangyip Prison.  No reason is said to have been given for his arrest.  He was held for six months, allegedly without any documents being issued related to his arrest.  He then was released and certain conditions on his freedom of movement were imposed on him. On 7 February 1997, he was arrested again at his residence together with his brother and 19-year-old cousin



28th session (14 sep 2000): No. 19/2000

Phunstock Legmon and Namdrol

The above mentioned are both young Tibetan monks, Phuntsok Legmon, aged 16 years, and Namdrol, aged 21 years, at Taklung monastery in Toelung county, near Lhasa. According to the source, before their arrest they initially were carrying the Tibetan flag.  Subsequently, they reportedly raised their fists into the air and began to shout political slogans*

*Ages mentioned were at the time of the adopted opinion publication

28th session (14 sep 2000): No. 28/2000

Ngawang Sandrol

The above mentioned is a buddhist in the nunnery at Garu, who was arrested for having participated in a peaceful demonstration for a “free Tibet”.

24th session (19 May 1999): No. 2/1999

Ngawang Choephel

According to the source, a Chinese citizen of Tibetan origin in exile, Ngawang Choephel, travelled to Tibet in July 1995 to do research on traditional Tibetan music.  He disappeared following his arrival in Tibet.

14th session (30 Nov 1995): No. 46/199

81 persons in total including Buddhist nuns


8th session (9 Dec 1993): No. 65/1993

Jampa Ngodrup, Lhundrup Ganden, Lobsang Choejor, Lobsang Yeshe, Lobsang Palden, Drakpa Tsultrim, Lobsang Tashi, Tempa Wangdrak, Tenzin Tsultrim, Ngawang Phulchung, Ngawang Oser, Jamphel Changchub, Kelsang Thutob, Ngawang Gyaltsen, Jampal Lobsang, Ngawang Rigzin, Jampal Monlam, Jampel Tsering, Ngawang Kunga, Karma, Monlam Gyatso, Gyatso, Yulu Dawa Tsering, Thubten Tsering (1), Dawa Kyizom, Ngawang Chamtsul, Lobsang Tsultrim, Ama Phurbu, Phurbu Drolma, Migmar, Dawa Drolma, Tseten Norgyal, Thubten Tsering (2), Tamsin Sithar, Ngawan Dechoe and Tsering Ngodup

8th session (9 Dec 1993): No. 66/1993

Ngawang Chosum, Ngawang Pema, Lobsang Choedon, Phuntsong Tenzin, Pasang Dolma and Dawa Lhanzum

The above are Tibetan nuns who were accused of “separatist activities” and of “breaking martial-law regulations” for reportedly shouting “long live independent Tibet” at a festival held in Lhasa on 2 September 1989

Dorje Wangdu

A Tibetan having advised acquaintances to wear Tibetan clothes during the period of the Kalashakra Buddhist initiation ceremony held by the Dalai Lama in late 1990 in India; having distributed, on 23 February 1991, symbols of personal protection (cords blessed by a high lama) to monks in Ganden monastery; having made copies of “reactionary leaflets” carrying the red seal of Muru monastery and advised that these should be displayed “on relevant occasions”. Allegedly, “reactionary leaflets” which had circulated in Sera monastery in Lhasa had also been found at Dorje Wangdu’s home.

*Ages mentioned were at the time of the adopted opinion publication

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