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The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) has received information from a reliable source that, Rinzin Wangyal a.k.a Rinwang, 59, died in prison at the end of 2004. There has been no official confirmation of Rinzin Wangyal’s death. It has been reported that his body was not handed over his family.

Rinzin was serving a life imprisonment term in Pawo Tramo Prison, 250 km east of Lhasa. According to the most recent information received by TCHRD on 31 May 2004, his health condition was known to have gravely deteriorated due to constant torture over the years in prison.

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According to unconfirmed reports from Tibet, Rinzin Wangyal was sentenced on December 13, 1996, to 16 years imprisonment. Rinzin (alias Rinwang), a 49-year-old worker at a cement factory in Lhasa, was arrested in August 1995 by the Public Security Bureau for political reasons. Prior to his arrest in 1995, Rinzin was arrested once before between 1966-67 for allegedly organising an…

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