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China detains recently-released Tibetan writer and his friend for ‘brainwashing class’

Tibetan writer and teacher Gangkye Drupa Kyab was detained again on 17 September, a day after his release from prison. He had served more than four years and a half for merely exercising his right to freedom of expression and thought. His friend, Samdup, who had been released on 19 August after serving more than four years, was also detained on 18 September.

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Extrajudicial detention still a major issue despite RTL abolition

On Saturday 28 December 2013, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee voted to abolish Re-education Through Labor (RTL; Ch: laojiao).  This fulfills the promise the People’s Republic of China made in the 3rd Plenum Decision on 15 November 2013 to abolish the 56 year old Chinese system of gulags that had been used to imprison people in forced labor camps for up to four years. When the National People’s Congress Standing Committee announced the abolition of RTL, it stated that it was because changes made to Chinese laws had made RTL redundant and it had fulfilled its historic mission.  This …

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China launches renewed “Patriotic Education” Campaign across all sections in Tibet

The Chinese authorities in the “Tibet Autonomous Region” (‘TAR’) and other Tibetan areas in neighboring provinces have launched a two-months renewed “Patriotic Education” campaign covering almost every sections of society beginning primarily with the monastic institutions, party cadres, security forces and government employees, farmers and private entrepreneurs, educational institutions and common people, to denounce the Dalai Lama and the “splittist forces” in the coming two months.

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