The Committee Against Torture (CAT)

The Committee Against Torture (CAT)

Concluding observations on the fifth periodic report of China (3 February 2016) Symbol No. CAT/C/CHN/CO/5

The Committee regrets that the recommendations identified for follow-up in the previous concluding observations have not yet been implemented. Those recommendations concerned: legal safeguards to prevent torture; the State Secrets Law and reported harassment of lawyers, human rights defenders and petitioners; the lack of statistical information; and accountability for the events in the autonomous region of Tibet and neighbouring Tibetan prefectures and counties (CAT/C/ CHN/CO/4, paras. 11, 15, 17 and 23, respectively).

The Committee has received numerous reports from credible sources that document in detail cases of torture, deaths in custody, arbitrary detention and disappearances of Tibetans. In view of this information, the Committee remains seriously concerned at the State party’s failure to provide information on 24 out of the 26 Tibetan cases.

Concluding observations of the Committee against Torture (12 December 2008) Symbol No. CAT/C/CHN/CO/4

The Committee notes with great concern the reports received on the recent crackdown in the Tibetan Autonomous Region and neighbouring Tibetan prefectures and counties in the State party, which has deepened a climate of fear and further inhibits accountability. These reports follow longstanding reports of torture, beatings, shackling and other abusive treatment, in particular of Tibetan monks and nuns, at the hands of public officials, public security and State security, as well as paramilitary and even unofficial personnel at the instigation or with the acquiescence or consent of public officials.