Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions

Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions

HRC 14th Session (18 June 2010) Symbol No. A/HRC/14/24/Add.1 S

Death of Phuntsok Rabgay

Phuntsok Rabgay was pasting leaflets containing allegations that monks had been tortured and imprisoned by the authorities and an appeal to the local population to forego crop cultivation and harvest as a gesture of mourning and disobedience. He was detected by Drango County Public Security Bureau (PSB) personnel and tried to elude arrest by fleeing on a motorcycle. The PSB personnel, however, managed to pursue and catch him. Upon arrest, they beat him with batons. He died shortly thereafter. The PSB officers reportedly dropped his body from a hill in order to create the appearance of a case of suicide.

Death sentences against Losang Gyaltse, Loyar, Gangtsu, Dawa Gangpo and Penkyi

Violation alleged: Non-respect of international standards on safeguards and restrictions relating to the imposition of capital punishment. There is a state reply for this particular case.

HRC 11th Session (29 May 2009) Symbol No. A/HRC/11/2/Add.1

Contains a chapter on Violence during demonstrations in the Tibet Autonomous Region and surrounding areas. The allegation alleged is deaths due to excessive use of force by law enforcement officials during and after the event of Tibetan National Uprising Day on 10th march 2008.

HRC 4th Session (12 March 2007) Symbol No. A/HRC/4/20/Add.1

Allegation regarding 43 members of a group of Tibetans that was fired upon while attempting to cross the Nangpa Pass at the border between China and Nepal on 10 October 2006.

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 62nd Session (27 March 2006) Symbol No. E/CN. 4/2006/53/Add.1

Death Sentence of Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche

Violation alleged: Non-respect of international norms and standards for the imposition of capital punishment. There is a state reply for this particular case.

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 60th Session (24 March 2004) Symbol No. E/CN. 4/2004/7/Add.1

The Special Rapporteur sent a communication to the Government of China regarding the cases of Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche (Ngawang Tashi), a Tibetan religious teacher, and his attendant, Lobsang Dhondup. The two men were reportedly arrested on 7 April 2002 following a bombing incident in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, on 3 April 2002. There is a state reply for this particular case.

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 59th Session (12 February 2003) Symbol No. E/CN. 4/2003/3/Add.1

Kelsang Gyatso, Ngawang Lochoa, Sonam Richen and Tsering Wangdrag

Kelsang Gyatso, a Tibetan monk, died in the Lhasa Detention Centre in December 2001 as a result of beatings and lack of medical attention. Ngawang Lochoa died in the Lhasa Army Hospital as a result of continuous illtreatment and deprivation of medical attention. Ngawang Lochoa, a Tibetan nun, had been imprisoned since 1993 for having taken part in a peaceful demonstration. He had reportedly been in prison since 1992 for shouting pro-independence slogans. Tsering Wangdrag died in Krazde prison allegedly as a result of torture and ill-treatment.

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 56th Session (2 February 2000) Symbol No. E/CN. 4/2000/3/Add.1

Tashi Tsering

Tashi Tsering, a building contractor from Lhokha Prefecture, lowered the Chinese flag in the centre of Potala Square in Lhasa. As he attempted to raise the banned Tibetan flag, he was allegedly arrested by members of the People’s Armed Police, who reportedly beat him severely. He was reportedly taken to a police hospital in Lhasa where he remained until his death.

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 55th Session (6 January 1999) Symbol No. E/CN. 4/1999/39/Add.1

A Tibetan monk named Yeshe Samten was allegedly died on 12 May 1998 as a result of torture inflicted upon him by prison officials at Trisam prison.
Also contains communications received from the Govt. of China about two cases. The first case is regarding Sangye Tenphel, a 19-year-old monk who allegedly died as a result of beatings by prison guards. The second case is regarding Kelsang Thutop, a Tibetan monk who was alleged to have died in Drapchi prison as a result of malnutrition and inadequate medical treatment.

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 54th Session (19 December 1997) Symbol No. E/CN. 4/1998/68/Add.1

Dorje, Tenchok Tempeland and Jamyang Thinley

Mr. Dorje reportedly died on or around 24 July 1996 as a result of injuries sustained in police beatings 20 days earlier. Tenchok Tempel, a monk of Sakya monastery, who allegedly died in detention in Sakya prison on 17 September 1996 as a result of torture. Jamyang Thinley, who had reportedly been arrested on 30 May 1996 during a raid on Chamdo monastery and who allegedly died as a result of torture on 18 September 1996, five days after his release on medical grounds from Chamdo prison

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 52nd Session (25 January 1996) Symbol No. E/CN. 4/1996/4

The Special Rapporteur sent an urgent appeal expressing fear for the live and physical integrity of Lodroe Gyatso. Lodroe was imprisoned in Drapchi prison, reportedly sentenced to death after having been accused of shouting pro-independence slogans in prison (7 June 1995).
The Special Rapporteur urged the authorities to investigate the following cases of alleged deaths in custody: Gyaltsen Kalsang, alias Kalsang Dolma Gangong, Tashi Tsering and Cherub Ngawang. The Special Rapporteur also transmitted the case of Tamdin Tsering, 26, reportedly beaten to death by four Chinese forest officers for unknown reasons.

Also contains communication sent by the Govt. of China regarding the case of Lodroe Gyatso.


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