More political sentences

sholpa_dawaAccording to a reliable source, Sholpa Dawa, who was arrested for the third time in August 1995, has finally received a sentence of 9 years. Sholpa Dawa, a tailor in Lhasa, was arrested for the first time on 29 September 1981 and sentenced to two years imprisonment for allegedly distributing pamphlets on the independence of Tibet. He was deprived of his political rights for one year. On 8 November 1985 he was arrested for the second time for distributing pamphlets denouncing the deterioration in the living conditions of the Tibetans and the anti-secular foreign (Chinese) invasion of Tibet.

Topgyal, also a private tailor from Lhasa, was arrested in November 1995 for political reasons based on “seperatist” activities. Topgyal is in his mid-50’s and was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.

Both Sholpa Dawa and Topgyal are being detained at Seitru Detention Centre but it is expected that they will soon be transferred to the notorious Drapchi Prison in Lhasa as is the normal procedure.


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