Join TCHRD movement to end killings, arbitrary arrests, inhumane torture and enforced disappearances in Tibet

Sensing the unspeakable human rights violations taking place inside Tibet since the past ten days, the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) condemns in its strongest possible terms the ongoing ironclad crackdown on peaceful Tibetan protestors by the Chinese authorities in the Chinese occupied Tibet.

So far, at least 65 Tibetans were known to have been killed, thousands injured, over thousands arbitrarily detained and arrested, hundreds disappeared and death toll rising.

The law enforcement authorities’ issuance of ultimatum to the protesting Tibetans to voluntarily surrender before midnight of 17 March in Lhasa is formally over but still cases of arbitrary arrests and detentions are taking place in Lhasa and other parts of Tibet. The Centre considers the surrender order by the Chinese authorities as a tactical ploy to deceive the Tibetans to give in so as to ensure the maximum arrests. Ironically, the arbitrary arrests and detentions of peaceful Tibetan protestors have been underway since the midnight of 15 March 2008. The report of arrests and detentions are mounting and going on in a full swing.

TCHRD is deeply disturbed by the imposition of intense and severe restriction on the movements of the Tibetan people, severely affecting their daily lives, denying immediate access to food, fresh drinking water and other basic and essential necessities to sustain life. TCHRD conceives that the ongoing severe restriction inside Tibet has all the elements of ‘Martial Law in Disguise’.

The staff members and interns of the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) are tonsuring their heads and women staff wearing black bandana on forehead to show their sincere gesture of respect to those who were killed during the recent peaceful protests inside Tibet.

TCHRD welcomes others to join in our non-violent movement to highlight the grave human rights situation inside Tibet and call for an immediate end to the killings, arbitrary arrests, inhumane torture and enforced disappearances of Tibetans.

TCHRD appeals:

1. To your government to pressure the United Nations to immediately send a fact-finding mission to Tibet

2. To write to your government to pressure China to put an end to the ongoing violent crackdown on the peaceful Tibetan demonstrators

3. To urge your government to pressure China to allow independent foreign media into Tibet

4. To stage peaceful solidarity activities in your area

5. To ask your friends and colleagues to follow the current situation in Tibet through

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