Four student monks of Nga-rig Kyetse-ling school (English translation: Flourishing Garden of Five Knowledges) at Kumbum Monastery in Amdo region have disappeared since their arrest in mid-March 1996. The monks had been arrested along with 21 other student monks ot the monastery who were later released in early May 1996.

The four monks — 27-year-old Dhamchoe Gyatso, editor of the magazine, Jigme Tendar aged 29; Dhaamchoe Kalden aged 31 and Phuntsok aged 25 been accused of publishing a literary magazine which whas now been labelled as “counter-revolutionary” and banned. Almost 10 months after their arrest, the whereabouts of the monks remain unknown.

The following political prisoners have disappeared since their arrest in 1995 and their whereabouts remain unknown.

  • Jangchub Gyaltsen, 31-year-old tailor at Sera monastey, arrested in April 1995
  • Lungtok a 21-year-old monk of of Ronbo Monaster arrested in July 1995
  • Lobsang Namgyal, a former monk of Nechung Monastry, arrested in Feb 1995
  • Ngawang Thonglam, a former monk of Ganden Monastry, arrested in Feb 1995.
  • Ngawang Choephel, a Tibetan musician and scholar, travelled to Tibet in 1995 to research music and performing arts. He was arrested on suspicion of “illegal separatist activities”, but 15 months later has yet to be charged or tried. The PRC has not responded to enquiries as to his whereabouts.
  • Other cases of disappearance include Gedun Chokyi and his parents and Chadrel Rinpoche. This case is detailed in this update.
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