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Two Tibetan youngsters self-immolate in Jyekundo, one dies

Two Tibetan youngsters have set themselves on fire today in Trindu (Chinese: Chengdu) County in Jyekundo (Chinese: Yushu) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (TAP) of Qinghai Province.

Ngawang Norpel, aged 22, and Tenzin Khedup, aged 24, self-immolated today at around 3:30 pm (Tibet Time) in Zatoe town, Trindu County, Jyekundo TAP, Qinghai Province.

According to sources, the two youngsters were carrying Tibetan national flags and shouted slogans, calling for freedom in Tibet, return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, when they set themselves afire.

Tenzin Khedup died at the scene while Ngawang Norphel’s condition is not known at this moment, sources said.

Local Tibetans have taken the body of Tenzin Khedup to Zilkar Monastery in Trindu County where they are holding prayers for the deceased at this time of reporting.

Tenzin Khedup was son of Lekdup and Kyizom and was from Trindu County in Jyekundu TAP. He was a former monk at Zilkar Monastery. He disrobed in 2006. Ngawang Norpel is from Ngaba County, Ngaba TAP, Sichuan Province, said sources. A few years ago, Ngawang Norpel came to live in Zatoe town, Trindu County. His parents are Lhakpa Dhondup and Tsering Yangchen.

Earlier this year, on 9 February 2012, Sonam Rabyang, a Tibetan monk from Yuthung village in Tridu, set himself on fire. His condition and whereabouts remain unknown.

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