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Taken in the night for sterilisation

In Shabrang village, Thonring sub-county, Rebkong county, Qinghai province (Tib: Amdo province), nine women between the ages of 18 to 45 were taken away in October 1997 to be sterilized.

A vehicle came in the night and took women to the Rebkong government hospital. County officials had made an announcement several days prior to the arrival of the birth control team that 100 per cent co-operation was expected and any refusals would lead to heavy fines. The women were told that their medication for a one week period after sterilization would be taken care of.

The nine women returned two days after they were taken away and eight of them fell severely ill.  They did not receive the promised medication and they had to bear all of their medical expenses.

Four women from Gomar village in Thonring were also taken by birth control team. Two of them had never any children. It was reported that the four suffered critical pots-sterilization health problems and that one of them is danger of dying.

Chinese authorities announced three children were allowed for farmers and two for government officials. A fine of 1000 yuan (US $125) would be imposed for a third child born after the announcement, with progressively higher fines for each successive child. A fine of 50 yuan applied for a fourth child before the announcement.

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