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Arrested on return from India

Tsultrim was arrested by the Public Security Bureau in November 1997 in the town of Dram on the Nepal-Tibet border on his return from India. He had left for India in 1996 to seek blessing from the Dalai Lama and to make a pilgrimage. Tsultrim was known to have been imprisoned in Dram for two months but his present whereabouts are not known.

 Tsultrim Lektsok, aged 23, is from Ragya Monastery in Machen County, Golok “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” ( Tib: Amdo Province).

Rooms of other monks in Ragya monastery  were ransacked by Chinese Officials and pictures of the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Rinpoche were confiscated, although strong opposition from the monks reportedly made it difficult to carry out a total raid.

In conjunction with China’s “Re-education” campaign being carried out in Tibet’s religious institutions, a work- team of about ten members came to the monastery and expelled about 100 below the age of 18 from the monastery. Those monks who had visited India in recent years were targeted for stricter monitoring.

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