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27 Monks expelled

Twenty seven monks have been reported expelled from their monasteries. Their expulsions, which took place in June 1997, bring the total figure of known expulsions in connection with China’s religious strike down launched in April 1996 to 3,993.

According to the information, received from a reliable source, Chinese work-teams arrived at Sakya Monastery in Lhoka county in “Tibet Autonomous Region” in June 1997 and conducted “re-education” sessions.

Many of the monks refused to accept the five principles laid down by the work-team and the following 27 monks were subsequently expelled: Phurbu Tsering, Dorjee Choegyal, Achung, Adawa, Ngawang Gyaltsen, Ngawang Choejor, Shilok, Kyikyak, Ngawang Thupten, Migmar, Jamyang, Thupten Tsering, Ugyan, Sonam Dorjee, Dhonden, Jampa, Lodoe, Bhu Nyima, Sonam Tenpa, Thupten Choklay, Thupten Thutop, Thupten Gyatso.

Thupten Monlam, Ngawang Norbu, Tashi and Tashi Choesang and Thupten Gelek, who were among the expelled monks, are reported to have died but no information is known of their deaths.

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