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Ronggye A’drak indicted by the Chinese court

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) today received reliable information that Kardze People’s Intermediate Court indicted Ronggye A’drak with four accounts of “crimes” ranging from disruption of law and order to state subversion.

According to the source, on 29 October 2007, a handcuffed Ronggye A’drak was brought to Kardze People’s Intermediate Court, for a trial. During the trial, the court indicted Ronggye A’drak with four accounts of “crimes”:

(1) Indicted of seeking to “split” the country and subvert state power on 1 August 2007 during the horse racing festival by shouting “Long Live the Dalai Lama” and asking for the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet.

(2)Indicted of instigating a large crowd of agitating Tibetans rallied and forced entry into the government compounds after his arrest. Since he caused the incident and therefore he must bear the complete responsibility for these actions.

(3) Indicting of disrupting the law and order in Lithang region and of economic losses resulting from his protest and subsequent arrest in deploying Public Security Bureau (PSB) and People’s Armed Police (PAP) personnels.

(4) Indicted of colluding with the splittist Dalai Clique based outside Tibet and moreover his daughters were honoured by the “Dalai Clique” at a public event.

According to the source, it is reported that Ronggye A’drak was taken to Dartsedo detention centre after his trial at Kardze People’s Intermediate Court, Sichuan Province. It is widely understood from the insider source that Ronggye A’drak will be formally charged the aforementioned “crimes” and the court will pronounce the verdict in the coming few days.

The TCHRD strongly condemns the indictment of Ronggye A’drak as his freedom to expression and opinion does not violate any of the constitutional components of Chinese law. TCHRD also expresses its doubts concerning the transparency of the legal proceedings-whether or not Ronggye A’drak was entitled to a fair trial. TCHRD calls upon the People’s Republic of China to implement and follow all the required domestic and international legal norms and practices in the case of Ronggye A’drak’s trial, to ensure that he receives fair hearings in the court, further in no case should his legal counsel be subjected to any forms of intimidation or pressure. The Centre is highly concerned at the blatant violation of international legal norms in courts in China where in summary and arbitrary judicial process is highly prevalent.

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