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China detains Tibetan anti-corruption activist on politicised charge of ‘provoking trouble’

Chinese authorities have arbitrarily detained a popular Tibetan activist known for his tireless campaign to promote good governance, anti-corruption and social accountability in his hometown of Kyangche (Ch: Jiangqian) Township, Gade (Ch: Gande) County, Golok (Ch: Guoluo) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (TAP), Qinghai Province, in the Tibetan province of Amdo. Mr A-nya Sengdra, 47, was beaten up and detained on 4 September from the highway intersection in Golok TAP by Gade County Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers and taken to the PSB detention centre in Drotsang (Ch: Ledu) County, Tsoshar (Ch: Haidong) Prefecture, where he remains to this day. Since his …

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China engages in political purge in the name of anti-corruption drive in Tibet

In January this year, official government-run media in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) announced [1] the first prosecutions of officials under the anti-corruption campaign in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). The announcement specifically highlighted the punishment of 15 officials for supporting [2] the Dalai Lama. The punishment of officials in Tibetan areas for supporting the Dalai Lama or not maintaining stability by striking hard is not a new development. The announcement simply demonstrates that the pre-existing policies have been added to the crackdown on corruption. The underlying repressive policies have been relabelled—not changed.

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Anti-corruption crackdown in Tibet must focus on human rights abuses

As part of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign, investigators are being sent to the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) for disciplinary purposes. They will investigate not only official corruption, the focus of the campaign, but also officials who do not follow the central government’s policy of systematically violating human rights in Tibet. Since Xi Jinping was appointed President of the PRC, he has paired reform and repression. The repression has often been disproportionately harsher and longer lasting than the promised reforms, especially in Tibetan areas. The anti-corruption campaign is not an exception to this rule. However, if the goal of …

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