Tibetan Literature: In the Web of Censorship and Discrimination

This report reveals the general situation of Tibetan literature under Chinese occupation and the censorship and discriminatory policies and practices imposed on wide ranging areas of literary works in Tibet.

This report is evidence of the manner in which the Chinese authorities censor and repress Tibetan literary works that represent the history of Tibetan literature and the fate of Tibet itself.

This report highlights the relentless campaign waged by Chinese government to cut the lineage of Tibetan literature, which embodies the thoughts and treasures of traditional knowledge, and to obstacles to the new Tibetan literature that shed light on the historical consciousness and social conditions, which reflect the deep-rooted aspirations and grievances of the Tibetan people. Additionally official censorship practices ensure the penetration of government views, thoughts and stance in Tibetan literature.

Tibetan literature is subjected to various forms of restrictions including the mandatory requirement to censor certain views and promote others. This situation underscores not just political occupation but also cultural colonization of Tibet under Chinese rule.

Read the full report here.

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