Three Tibetans arrested in Tawu

According to confirmed information received today, three Tibetans from Tawu (Ch: Daofu) County in Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, had been arrested recently by Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers.  On 19 August, a Tibetan man named Norbu from Rinah Lungpa village of Tawu was arrested in Siyo near Chengdu. Moreover, Gyaltsen from Nyeshap village, was arrested on 21 August while he coming out of a hospital in Chengdu city where he was accompanying a relative for treatment. The third Tibetan who was arrested on 22 August remains unidentified. The charges against them, their present condition and whereabouts remain unknown.

Since monk Tsewang Norbu set himself on fire to protest Chinese rule on 15 August, Tawu continues to remain under lockdown with severe restrictions and vigilance. Huge number of People’s Armed Police and PSB officers arrived in eight military trucks after teh self-immolation, according to sources. Schools are occupied by armed personnel who have made it their temporary shelter. Despite these restrictions, Tibetans in Tawu have been visiting the family of the deceased since 19 August to pay their homage, respects and support.

The monks of Nyitso Monastery are being interrogated. Every household is questioned, and all family member’s photographs are taken.


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