Human Rights Update 1997

The risk of returning to Tibet

The flight across the Himalayas to escape the repressions of Chinese-occupation in Tibet is not the only risk Tibetan refugees face. Those who, after spending some time living abroad, choose to return to their homeland, may find themselves accused of illicit “espionage activities for western forces and the Dalai clique”. […]

Destruction of Tibet’s forests

Tibet is China’s largest source of timber, with 7.6 million hectares of forests. Forest production accounts for 14 percent of the region’s gross domestic product. Tsawa Pashoe, Zogon, Markham, Chamdo, Kongpo, Dromo, Nangchen, and Bathang are only some of the mentioned areas in Tibet where major deforestation has been reported […]

Profile: The sacrifices of a man and his family

Namgyal Tashi is currently serving 8 years in prison. He has made an extraordinary number of sacrifices for the cause of Tibet. Namgyal Tashi spent his days painstakingly printing independence posters using wooden blocks and hand-crafting Tibetan flags for distribution. His family has also made more than their share of […]

Signature campaign for Sonam Dekyi

On 28th July, 6439 signatures from 22 countries were submitted to the Chinese Embassy in Delhi requesting that Mrs Sonam Dekyi be granted a visa to visit Tibet in order to see her son, Ngawang Choephel, currently serving 18 years imprisonment on charges of “spying” for the Tibetan Government-in-Exile. We […]

China’s birth control policy in Tibet

Between September and October of 1996, 308 Tibetan women in the sub-district of Takar in Chushur district under Lhasa City were sterilised over a period of 22 days. One woman died after forced sterilisation and another is reportedly in critical condition. One woman, three months pregnant at the time, was […]

Spiritual head imprisoned for mining protests

Nazod Trulku, the spiritual head of Nazod monastery and its 200 monks located in the south of Serta County, was sentenced in August 1996 to six years imprisonment. Reacting to the escalating Chinese mining activities in the area around the monastery, Nazod Trulku had printed and distributed environmental protest posters. […]

Procuratorate flees Tibet to learn the truth

Lhakpa Tsering, 24 years old, from Toelung Dechen Dzong, near Lhasa, was one of the staff at the Dzong (county) Procuracy Office (the Chinese governmental office responsible for investigating and prosecuting criminal cases), earning a salary of 670 yuan (around US$ 85) per month. He confirms the much-reported futility of […]

Profile: Struggle in Drapchi

Ngawang Pekar was halfway through his eight year sentence in Drapchi Prison when his sentence was extended by six years. Already being punished for his attempts to broaden awareness of the situation in Tibet, Ngawang had been caught by the Chinese prison authorities trying to alert the international community to […]

China’s gold mining in Tibet

China’s mining practices in Tibet reveal a two-way policy: to transfer massive population numbers into Tibet so as to lessen the burden of its own population problems while marginalising Tibetans and to exploit Tibet’s mineral resources. At a gold mining conference held in Lhasa in 1995, officials of the “Tibet […]

Prisoner miscarries

A recent report describing the inhumane treatment of prisoners in Chinese prisons in Tibet has been received. The report recounts the case of a pregnant woman who was arrested on suspicion of independence activities and subjected to intensive interrogations. The woman’s pleas that she felt weak were ignored and two […]