Human Rights Update 1997

Dead child delivered after forced contraceptive

“According to what I have seen, the Chinese authorities have been implementing the birth control policy in my area since February or March of 1997. I saw a woman who lives next door to my uncle be inserted with a contraceptive and then four months later she brought home a […]

83 Tibetan women sterilised

Since the start of this year, 83 Tibetan women have been sterilised “through various means” in Chukok Sonak town, Rebkong district, under Qinghai province where Chinese authorities have launched a strict birth control policy. In 1996 nine Tibetan women were sterilised and 32 were required to use contraceptives. These figures […]

Profile: Six years for prisoners list

In 1993, Topgyal, together with Sholpa Dawa, decided to do something concrete to make the world aware of the situation in Tibet. They began the task of putting together a list of current and former political prisoners in the Lhasa area. It was the hope of both Tibetans, both elderly […]

Tibetan executed on false charges

A recent arrival from Tibet has reported the execution of 30 year-old Gonpo Tsering who was said by Chinese authorities to have killed a Chinese official during a dispute over the collection of taxes. Gonpo Tsering is from Kamoche village of Bayer Shang in Choni county, now incorporated into the […]

thousands executed

China executed at least 4,367 people last year by firing squad or lethal injection, Amnesty International hasreported, including some Tibetans shot for “counter-revolution” or “subversion.”  This figure, the highest since 1983, was confirmed by Chinese media. Amnesty said it had logged more than 6100 death sentences, exceeding the previous two […]

Lhasa’s new prison facilities

A new, modern prison has been built in the northern outskirts of Lhasa, ICT has reported following a fact-finding mission to Tibet. Located close to Outridu Prison – Sangyip’s Fifth Unit, the new facility has two or three cell blocks of 12 to 14 cells each, and may be the […]

Profile: Restaurant manager serves 12 years for “incitement” of y...

When Tsering Ngodup‘s advanced age determined that he could no longer be as physically active for Tibet, it did not affect his youthful spirit. In his fifties, Tsering, who ran a restaurant in Lhasa, would encourage his young customers to raise their voice for the cause of Tibet and for […]

“Re-education” extends to Hermits

A 30-year-old monk (name withheld) from Ewang monastery (popularly known as Chonang monastery) of Phuntsokling township under Lhatse county arrived in India in July 1997. He described how now even religious hermits are being forced to break vows and leave their retreats in order to attend Chinese “Re-education” sessions. The […]

Chinese taxation and the life of a Tibetan nomad

Heavy taxes imposed by the Chinese authorities do not spare the poorest people of Tibet: the Tibetan nomads. Meat and “milk” taxes mean that a family may not have enough for long and savagely cold winters. Twenty-five-year-old Kalsang Tenzin is from Lungbo Tha, Bo Ra shang (township) in Sangchu county […]

Three new Gutsa prisoners

A recent arrival from Tibet has reported the cases of three new prisoners currently detained without charge in Gutsa, the Detention Centre for the prefecture of Lhasa, located about five km from the city. Phuntsok Wangdu, a 30-year-old Ganden monk from Medro Gongkar, Gyama County, was expelled from Ganden Monastery […]