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Human Rights Update 1997

Sentencing of three involved in Panchen Lama issue

Almost two years after his disappearance following the Dalai Lama’s proclamation of the 11th Panchen Lama, the head of the Chinese Search Committee for the Reincarnation – 58 year old Jadrel Rinpoche – has been charged with “plotting to split the country” and “leaking state secrets” and sentenced to six […]

Panchen Lama: a chidlhood lost

It is now two years since 14 May 1995, the day the Dalai Lama officially proclaimed Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the X!th reincarnation of the Panchen Lama. Two years later and the Panchen Lama and his parents are still missing somewhere in China, their whereabouts and well being unknown. Tibetan […]

Chimney torture for monk activist

Lobsang Dhargay spent two and a half years in prison where he was subjected to daily abuse. The worst torture he suffered was being handcuffed for a whole day to a blazing hot chimney, left to burn and blister without food or water. Lobsang Dhargay, aged 31, is from the […]

Profile: Chadrel Rinpoche – the man who found the XI Panchen Lama

Almost two years after his disappearance, Chadrel Rinpoche, the abbot of the Tashilhunpo Monastery and also the head of the Search Committee for the reincarnation of the 11th Panchen Lama was sentenced to six years imprisonment and three years deprivation of political rights. A close disciple of the 10th Panchen […]

Results of Panchen Lama art competition

In commemoration of the Proclamation Day of May 14, 1995, when the Dalai Lama officially announced Gedhun Cheokyi Nyima as the XIth reincarnation of the Panchen Lama, TCHRD invited Tibetan school children in India to design a picture or cartoon relating to the Panchen Lama. The response was outstanding with […]

Profile: Labourer sentenced to 16 years and denied visits from dying wife

Rinzin Wangyal was first arrested in 1966-67 for allegedly organising an underground movement and served between 15 to 17 years in prison. He was again arrested in 1995 on suspicion of planning to disrupt “TAR” anniversary celebrations for which he is reportedly serving a 16 year prison term. His wife, […]

Boat tragedy causes 23 deaths

On 21 March 1997, in Drongtoe village under Lhoka Gonkar county south of Lhasa, 23 Tibetans died in a boat disaster. The Chinese authorities had ordered 123 local inhabitants to work on the plantation of eucalyptus trees in the area north of Yarlung Tsangpo (river). While travelling to and from […]

Prisoner updates

Ngawang Sangpo joined the Drepung monastery in 1983. In the first week of May 1991, Lhasa City PSB officials and monastery authorities detained Ngawang and two other monks for more than seven months on suspicion for hoisting the Tibetan National flag in the main prayer hall of the Drepung Monastery. […]

Imprisoned for protesting environmental destruction in Tibet

Tibet’s environment is increasingly under threat of destruction by China’s actions of mining and development. The Tibetan people are not consulted on the development and rarely benefit from the land’s use. They are also prevented from speaking out. When he was 18 years old Phuntsok Chosang was imprisoned in Meldro […]

“Spring Action”

Radio Lhasa and the Tibet Daily recently reported that Lhasa Public Security Bureau launched a “Spring Action” campaign on 10 April 1997. The campaign aims ostensibly to strike down on crime and corruption in and around Lhasa and to “uphold the social standard and morale”. The campaign is a follow-on […]