Another Kirti monk sentenced to 3 Years; hundreds of Chinese officials deployed in Kirti

According to confirmed information, monk Dhonyoe Dorjee of the Ngaba Kirti Monastery was sentenced to a three years imprisonment term. At present, he is in a prison in Mein-Yang, near Chengdu, Sichuan. There is no information on the details of his trail, the court that sentenced him, and the date and time of the court hearing. The charges under which he has been sentenced also remain not known.

Since his arrest on 8 April 2011 from his monastery, Dhonyoe Dorjee was held incommunicado until his trial.

Son of Pelkho (father), Dhonyoe Dorjee (34) belongs to the Rawe Pelkho family, Cha Township in Ngaba County. He was ordained at a very young age at the Kirti Monastery in Ngaba.

The situation at Kirti Monastery continues to be tense as around 300 Chinese government officials from other counties of the Ngaba Autonomous Prefecture have occupied the monastery to keep strict surveillance on the monks. Moreover, another group of Chinese officers, over 300, from across the Ngaba County, conducts the “Patriotic Re-education” on the monks every day. There is tight surveillance inside the monastery as well as on the outskirts of the monastery with many police, armies and Special Police Forces patrolling all the time. Any activities and movements of the monks are restricted under close watch at the monastery.

Sources also said that further three youths have been sentences and imprisoned in Mianyang Prison but their names and other details are not known yet.

Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) appeals the Chinese Authority to respect the human rights of the Tibetans in Tibet and uphold the virtue of a fair, just and open trial for the prisoners of conscience of Tibet. The Center also condemns the enforced “Patriotic Re-education”, or the “Legal Education” as the State prefers to name, in the various religious institutions in Tibet.

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