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The next generation: the state of education in Tibet today

A report released by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) today describes wide-spread and systematic violations by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) of Tibetan children’s rights to education. “The Next Generation: The State of Education in Tibet Today”, a 100 page report based on interviews conducted in Spring 1997 with 50 Tibetan children who have fled from Tibet in the previous two or three years, reveals the imposition of prohibitively high school fees, the phasing out of Tibetan language and culture, discrimination, indoctrination lessons and excessively cruel punishments. The children interviewed by TCHRD ranged in age …

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Profile: Six years for prisoners list

In 1993, Topgyal, together with Sholpa Dawa, decided to do something concrete to make the world aware of the situation in Tibet. They began the task of putting together a list of current and former political prisoners in the Lhasa area. It was the hope of both Tibetans, both elderly men, that they would be able to somehow get the document out of Tibet. Today both men are serving lengthy prison sentences in an unknown Chinese prison somewhere in Tibet. Topgyal (also known as Tsempo Topgyal – “tsempo” meaning “tailor”), a 58 year old private tailor in Lhasa (other sources …

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70 year old monk flees Tibet after 13 years prison

Thupten Tsering  is a 70 year old monk, formerly of Sera monastery. He arrived in Dharamshala on December 18, 1996 and spoke with TCHRD the next day. Thupten Tsering entered Sera monastery at the age of seven. From 1956 to 1959 he served as the treasurer or store-keeper at the monastery. During the 1959 uprising, Thupten tsering and others were arrested but later released. In 1966 Thupten Tsering was arrested for the second time for trying to escape to India with documents verifying the inception of the Cultural Revolution in Tibet. This time Thupten Tsering was sentenced to seven years …

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