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Human Rights Update 1997

Forced recruitment

To strengthen the military power inside Tibet, the Chinese government is reported to have begun forcefully recruiting young Tibetans into army service. At the same time Chinese authorities have commenced mass propaganda on radio and television emphasising the need young Tibetans to join the army after graduation from secondary school, choosing to serve the “nadon” rather than pursuing further study. According to a source from Tibet, Chinese authorities have been recruiting soldiers from six districts of Keygudo region, in Tsongon province (Ch: Qinghai). Every year 60 Tibetans are recruited from two alternating districts in the region. The men recruited should …

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Comedian suffers mental breakdown

Menlha Kyab, a famous Tibetan comedian and writer from Tsolho (Ch: Hamm) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tsongon (Ch: Qinghai) Province, was recently reported to have suffered a serious mental breakdown as a result of his imprisomnent for six months. Twenty eight Tibetans including Menlha Kyab were believed to have been detained in June or July 1993, just prior to a visit by Chinese President Jaing Zemin to the province. The detainees were thought to have been suspected of distributing pro-independence leaflets during the President’s visit.

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New arrests of monks for posters

Two monks from Kham were arrested and imprisoned In June this year for pasting Independence wallposters. They have not been seen since. In May 1997, two monks from La Monastery in Lapa township, Zadhe county in Kyekudo, Kham (Ch:Qinghai), pasted wall posters condemning Chinese rule. Some residents feared the repercussions and tore down the posters. In early June 1997, posters were again pasted. This time, no one tore down the posters and the next day the local policemen saw them. A search was launched and two monks were arrested and taken away that same evening. The two monks were Tsering …

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