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Human Rights Update 1997

Sentencing of three involved in Panchen Lama issue

Almost two years after his disappearance following the Dalai Lama’s proclamation of the 11th Panchen Lama, the head of the Chinese Search Committee for the Reincarnation – 58 year old Jadrel Rinpoche – has been charged with “plotting to split the country” and “leaking state secrets” and sentenced to six year imprisonment by Chinese authorities. Champa Chung-la, a 50 year old monk, and Samdrup, a 30 year old business man, were also sentenced for their involvement in the Panchen Lama reincarnation. Jadrel Rinpoche was the director of the Democratic Management Committee of the Tashilhunpo Monastery (the traditional seat of the …

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Panchen Lama: a chidlhood lost

It is now two years since 14 May 1995, the day the Dalai Lama officially proclaimed Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the X!th reincarnation of the Panchen Lama. Two years later and the Panchen Lama and his parents are still missing somewhere in China, their whereabouts and well being unknown. Tibetan people have not forgotten the young lama, who turned eight years old on 28 April, and the emotions his continuing disappearance produces are captured in the pictures reproduced on the next page, designed by exiled Tibetan school children. “I am Panchen, my monastery is Tashilhunpo. I sit on a high …

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Chimney torture for monk activist

Lobsang Dhargay spent two and a half years in prison where he was subjected to daily abuse. The worst torture he suffered was being handcuffed for a whole day to a blazing hot chimney, left to burn and blister without food or water. Lobsang Dhargay, aged 31, is from the Golok county of Amdo (Ch: Qinghai) province. He came from a nomadic family of the Chuva village near Ragya Monastery and joined the monastery in 1989 aged 19. The enthronement ceremony of the sixth reincarnation of the Shingsa Rinpoche Tenzin Choekey Gyaltsen (head of the monastery) was held on 15 …

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