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Human Rights Update 1997

Two nuns expelled

Lobsang Dolkar is a 22-year-old nun from Gonpa Phug nunnery in Dongkar Shang, Nyemo county under Lhasa city. Lobsang joined the nunnery in 1990. At that time, there were only nine nuns which later increased to 15. On 5 June 1997, she was expelled from the nunnery along with another nun for not having obeyed the principles of the workteam members. On 9 March, 1997, a six-member work team had arrived at the nunnery and started the “re-education” sessions. Many rules were made which included restrictions on freedom of monement. The nuns’ behaviour was observed and recorded since the date …

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New temple and monastic rules

The following is a translation from Tibetan of “Lhasa Municipality’s Monastic (temples and hermitages) Disciplinary Rules for Monks and Nuns”: One must protect law and order, property of the people, unity of the nationalities, unity of the motherland and oppose the splittists. One must respect the leaders of the party and the government, the socialist system, and the policy and rules laid down by the officials of the region. No one is allowed to listen to or disseminate reactionary propaganda which threatens or harms the unity and security of the country, possess or distribute reactionary literature, audio and video tapes …

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In Kain Lho In 1997, Chinese authorities launched the “re-education” campaign in all monasteries in the Kan Lho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture under Gansu Province. Officials from the PSB and the Religious Bureau of Kan Lho were sent to monasteries to teach socialist values and force monks to destroy pictures of the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama recognised by Dalai Lama, and to believe in and display pictures of Gyaltsen Norbu – China’s choice of “Panchen Lama”. In Machu County, officials forced monks to buy pictures of Gyaltsen Norbu which come in three different sizes. The large one costs 25 …

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