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Human Rights Update 1997

83 Tibetan women sterilised

Since the start of this year, 83 Tibetan women have been sterilised “through various means” in Chukok Sonak town, Rebkong district, under Qinghai province where Chinese authorities have launched a strict birth control policy. In 1996 nine Tibetan women were sterilised and 32 were required to use contraceptives. These figures were provided by the the Qinghai Tibetan daily newspaper published on 12 March 1997. In conjunction with extensive propaganda, six general meetings were held in Rebkong district calling on officials in the area to implement the birth control policy. On 12 February 1997, the same newspaper reported that a meeting …

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Profile: Six years for prisoners list

In 1993, Topgyal, together with Sholpa Dawa, decided to do something concrete to make the world aware of the situation in Tibet. They began the task of putting together a list of current and former political prisoners in the Lhasa area. It was the hope of both Tibetans, both elderly men, that they would be able to somehow get the document out of Tibet. Today both men are serving lengthy prison sentences in an unknown Chinese prison somewhere in Tibet. Topgyal (also known as Tsempo Topgyal – “tsempo” meaning “tailor”), a 58 year old private tailor in Lhasa (other sources …

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Tibetan executed on false charges

A recent arrival from Tibet has reported the execution of 30 year-old Gonpo Tsering who was said by Chinese authorities to have killed a Chinese official during a dispute over the collection of taxes. Gonpo Tsering is from Kamoche village of Bayer Shang in Choni county, now incorporated into the Chinese province of Gansu. One year after he was executed, the same Chinese official who Gonpo had been accused of murdering was seen alive in a town nearby. The source reported that the Chinese authorities usually came to collect taxes in August or September of every year. In August 1995, …

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