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Human Rights Update 1996

Inmate paralysed from torture

Lhundup Ganden (layname-Tashi or Tashi Gyatso, also known as Ganden Tashi), born in 1968, is a 28 year old former Ganden monk. He arrived in Dharamshala, India, on 18 December 1996 and spoke with TCHRD the following day. On 5 March 1988, Lhundup Ganden and other Ganden monks were arrested for demonstrating and demanding the release of a Youlo Dawa Tsering. Lhundup Ganden was sentenced on 18 January 1989 to three years  detention plus deprivation of political rights for one year. The official charge was “instigating counter-revolutionary propaganda.” Lhundup Ganden was detained first at Gutsa Detention Centre for two months …

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Monk serves 19 years for human rights and democracy publications

First detained in 1987 for peaceful demonstrations, Ngawang Phulchung has relentlessly championed the education of Tibetan people regarding their human rights and democratic freedoms. The publishing of a complete Tibetan translation of the Universal declaration of Human Rights and the reporting of human rights violations within Tibet resulted in a 19-year sentence which he is presently serving. Ngawang Phulchung joined Drepung Monastery at an early age and reached an advanced level of study in Buddhist philosophy. By 1989 he was just a short step from attaining the degree of Geshi (Doctor of Philosophy in Buddhism), but at this point felt …

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