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Discrimination in school

The following information was provided by Jamyang Dhargyal who had studied in this school for three years. Bayan County Nationality School in Amdo (Ch:Qinghai) is a day-cum-boarding school admits Tibetans and Chinese Muslims. In the early 1980’s the school fees and expenses were taken on by the government and a monthly stipend of 24 yaun per student was provided. Most of the boarders in the school were Tibetan while Chinese Muslims and other Chinese stayed with their parents all of whom nearby. Since the Tibetan parents lived far from the school, their children were compelled to stay in the school’s …

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hunger strike in drapchi prison

According to new arrivals from Tibet, on 19 April 1996 female political prisoners in Drapchi Priaon went on a hunger strike as a protest against a prison order forbidding the families of the prisoners from bringing them food.  The prisoners also protested against the poor prison diet. 81 of the 145 female political prisoners in Drapchi participated in this hunger strike. The remaining 64 female political prisoners are reportedly segregated from the rest of the prisoners and therefore could not participate in the hunger strike.  

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discrimination in language

A recent update by the Tibet Information Network reports further actions taken by the authorities of the PRC to discriminate against the use of Tibetan language in educational Institutions within Tibet. In December 1996, authorities announced that the History of Tibet course at the University of Tibet is to be taught in Chinese rather than in Tibetan. The decision ignores the fact that many of the teachers and students are Tibetan and that the course is taught by the University’s Tibetan Language Department. It also ignores one of the reasons listed for the founding of the University –the maintenance and …

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