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Letter from Tibet: Increase in unchecked violence

A letter dated 12 December 1996 describing recent brutal events in Tibet reached TCHRD from Tibet in January 1997. All events described in the letter took place in Tawo Dzong, Kham Province, a small sparsely populated prefecture 1800 km east of Lhasa. According to the source, the following incidents are representative of the moral and social disintegration which is taking place in Tibet today as Tibetans struggle to live under the Chinese rule without political or financial support. The source reports that Tibetans are being actively encouraged to commit such acts of violence against other Tibetans. The source writes that …

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Human Rights Report

The U.S. State Department’s Human Rights Report for 1996, released on 30 January 1997, reports that during 1996 Chinese government authorities continued to commit widespread human rights abuses in Tibet. These included deaths in detention, torture, arbitrary arrest, detention without public trial, prolonged detention of Tibetans for the peaceful expression of religious and political opinions, and intensified controls on religion, freedom of speech and the press. The reports refers to the forcible suppression of traditional religious practices where they are considered a vehicle for political dissent and the increased persecution of individuals accused of political activism and supporters of the …

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Freedom of expression restricted

According to a radio broadcast from VOA on 27 January 1997, the long-anticipated regulations on all publications has been formally declared by the Chinese Government’s State Council. Materials including books, radio, television and audio cassettes must first undergo a thorough scrutiny before they are permitted to be published. The publications should propagate the merits of socialism and educate the masses on socialist beliefs. The regulations on publications allow commentaries on the general functioning of the PRC government. However, writings which are considered to threaten the public interest will not be approved. The regulations also declare a stop on the publication …

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