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Escape from Chok-Treh prison

According to information recently received, eight Tibetan political prisoners escaped from Gyantse District Prison (Chok-treh-Prison) in mid-January 1997. On 26 December 1996, the eight Tibetans had a peaceful demonstration at a fair in Sarlha village in Khardoe Sub-District. The demonstration, which lasted half an hour, took place in front of the Gyantse District Headquarters. The protest was joined by some 40 people from the 3000 who had come to attend the fair. The demonstration was interrupted by the Public Security Bureau (PSB) and the People’s Armed Police (PAP) who immediately arrested the eight initial “rebels” and charged them with “counter-revolutionary” …

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Child prisoners in Tibet

The rights of Tibetan Children continue to be involved by the Chinese government in blatant for their international legal obligation under the UN Convention on the rights of the child (CRC) to which the People’s Republic of China is a State Party. Juveniles such as Sonam Choephel are arbitrary detained for the peaceful exercise of their freedom of expression, imprisoned together with adult prisoners and separated from legal representation and contact with their family. Sonam Choephel, a 17-year-old monk, is the youngest of three sons in his family. Sonam’s father is deceased and his mother lives with his two elder …

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Independence clashes in Eastern Turkestan

Recent clashes between Uighurs and the Chinese Military in Ghulje City (Inin or Yining) in Eastern Turkestan (Turkestan) on 6 February 1997 have resulted in numerous deaths and increased ethnic tensions. According to one source, the riots began when Chines police attempted to arrest two Uighurs talips (religious school student) from the mosque during a Ramadan religious service two days before the Islamic holiday Ramadan Eid. A fight broke out when worshippers refused to surrender the students and Chines police allegedly opened fire killing two Uighurs in the mosque. The crowd responded by disarming and stabbing the police officers and …

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