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An appeal from Tibet

The following is an excerpt of an appeal letter received from Lhasa, Tibet. The letter, dated December 1996, describes the new problems of unemployment and prostitution found in the capital today under Chinese rule. Tibetan people are suffering tremendously from Chinese suppression. It is very hard to live under Chinese occupation. In Tibet’s major cities, Tibetans are outnumbered by Chinese. There are 6 to 10 Chinese for every one Tibetan and, in the Lhasa area, 10 to 15 Chinese for every one Tibetan. How sad the Tibetan people are today, outnumbered in their own land by the Communist Chinese. Jobs …

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Prison terms for monks

A former political prisoner of 13 years, (name withheld for security reasons) recently fled Tibet, arriving in India in late 1996. He reported the arrest of three monks from Rabten Monastery in Rong Village under Nagchu, in the beginning of 1996. They were charged for pasting wall posters which condemned the Chinese choice of Panchen Lama and praised the Dalai Lama. The three arrested were: Lobsang Tenchong, aged 17 years from Maho who was sentenced to five years imprisonment; Lobsang Tharchin, aged 18 years from Gamthong, who was sentenced to four years and Lobsang Tenchong, 18 years old from Maho, …

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Female prisoners suffer inhuman torture

The following is the testimony of Rinzin Choenyi, a 26-year-old nun of Shugseb Nunnery, who spent six years in Drapchi Prison. She, and other female political prisoners, suffered a variety of torture methods whilst in prison and, in some cases, this has resulted in death. Rinzin Choenyi was expelled from her nunnery in 1988 because of her participation in a demonstration in Lhasa along with 11 nuns and two monks. She and one of the monks had managed to escape while 11 of the demonstrators were arrested. On 22 Sept. 1989, Choenyi once again participated in a demonstration, this time …

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