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Snow storm victims deprived of foreign relief

According to a new arrival from Kyekudo (Chinese:Yushul) in Kham region, now incorporated into the Chinese province of Qinghai, Tibetans in Jyekudo and nearby Serchul Dzong were deprived of foreign relief funds meant for the region following massive snow storms. Since October 1995 the Kham region has been hit by a series of severe snowstorms. Foreign monetary funds which were initially sent to the region to be distributed among the victims of the massive snowstorms were appropriated by Chinese officials who explained that the funds would be used to buy cattle for the people. Individuals were told that they could …

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Nuns flee from repression

A broadcast from VOA on 17 January 1997 reported a steady flow of Tibetans across the Nepal border into India in January as a result of repressive events in Tibetan religious institutions. Sangye Chodon and three other nuns from Lhoka Chenpue Vodde Monastery were amongst them. The four nuns fled Tibet as a result of the “Political Re-education Campaign” launched by the Chinese “Work Team” in their monastery. The “re-education”, part of the Chinese national “Strike Hard” campaign launched in May 1996, requires the denunciation of the Buddhist concept of “refuge taking” in the triple gem (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha). …

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Letter from Tibet: Increase in unchecked violence

A letter dated 12 December 1996 describing recent brutal events in Tibet reached TCHRD from Tibet in January 1997. All events described in the letter took place in Tawo Dzong, Kham Province, a small sparsely populated prefecture 1800 km east of Lhasa. According to the source, the following incidents are representative of the moral and social disintegration which is taking place in Tibet today as Tibetans struggle to live under the Chinese rule without political or financial support. The source reports that Tibetans are being actively encouraged to commit such acts of violence against other Tibetans. The source writes that …

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